Green Card Update

And so, on 31st January 2020 the UK said au revoir to the EU and entered a transition period until the end of this year.

How does this affect UK Drivers in the EU now?

Customers driving in the EU will not require a Green Card until at least the end of this transition period (31st December 2020)

What happens after the transition period?

Well, then there are three possible options:

  1. No Green Card required – an agreement could be reached between the EU and UK to allow permanent cross-border travel without the need for a Green Card.
  2. Green Card Extension – no Green Card required pending an agreement. The transition period could be extended further allowing for continued cross-border travel without the need for a green Card, until a conclusion is reached.
  3. Green Card required – if an agreement cannot be reached, and the transition period is not extended, Green Cards will be required for UK drivers beyond 31st December 2020.

As the end of the transition period approaches there will be further guidance available on how to tackle EU travel in 2021 and beyond.

Until then the UK remains inside the Single Market and Customs Union, although we will no longer participate in the bodies responsible for making laws at an EU level – the European Parliament, Commission or Council.

For road haulage companies there will be no change in 2020 to current rules around:

  • Customs & Border Processes for importing and exporting goods
  • Community licences
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Driving licences
  • Driver and Transport Manager Certificates of Professional Competence,
  • Tachograph legislation
  • Passports and identity documents
  • European Health Cards (EHIC)
  • CMR notes

(for further info contact )

It may well be a long and tortuous road to reaching all the necessary agreements, so please keep checking back for regular updates.

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